Embark on a 2-3 Day Hike Through Paradise Valley!

Calling all adventurers! Escape the crowds and delve deeper into the heart of Paradise Valley with our “2-3 Day Hiking Adventure.” This gentle expedition takes you through breathtaking landscapes, showcasing the valley’s hidden gems. Your journey unfolds:

Diverse Terrain: Hike through argan forests, palm groves, refreshing natural pools, and awe-inspiring canyons. Berber Immersion: Discover the charm of remote Berber villages, learning about their rich culture and connection to the land. Unwind and Reconnect: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, allowing your mind and soul to revitalize. Beginner Friendly: This adventure is the perfect first step for aspiring long-distance hikers, getting you comfortable on multi-day trails.

Are you ready to explore Paradise Valley? Let the adventure begin!


  • Escape the Crowds: Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Paradise Valley.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Hike through argan forests, palm groves, canyons, and natural pools.
  • Berber Villages: Discover hidden communities and their deep connection to the land.
  • Revitalize Your Mind & Soul: Reconnect with nature and find serenity in the wilderness.


18KM / 11.18 Miles


Easy / Intermediate


9AM / 5PM


Paradise Valley


Every day



Hiking Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Immerse in Berber Culture and Natural Beauty

Morning: Depart from your hotel and journey towards the starting point of the hike. Immerse yourself in the heart of Ida Outanane and Berber culture.
Midday: Ascend the heights for a majestic panorama. Hike through diverse landscapes – forests intertwined with argan, thuja, olive, and almond trees. Marvel at the geological wonders and red-ochre hues.
Afternoon: Reach the heart of the valley, passing by an olive mill and refreshing water basins. Enjoy a swim in pristine waters and a delicious tagine lunch.
Explore local products like honey, olive oil, argan oil, and amlou at a Berber village home.
Late Afternoon: Descend past a waterfall, through palm groves, cultivated gardens, and water bodies. Enjoy breathtaking views and wild flora.
Evening: Settle in at your local host's home for a delightful Berber dinner and a peaceful evening.

Day 2: Explore the Plateau and Paradise Valley

Morning: Wake up in the heart of the palm grove and enjoy a traditional breakfast.
Midday: Ascend to the plateau, unveiling captivating landscapes and panoramic views. Enjoy a Berber meal in a mountain-perched village.
Afternoon: Explore the plateau's flora and rediscover trails leading to the Valley of Paradise from a new perspective. Relax at the inn, embodying the serene hospitality of Morocco.

Day 3 (Optional for Hiking Enthusiasts):

Morning: Embark on a spectacular trek through Ida Outanane with panoramic views. Hike through vegetable gardens and share a meal with locals in a Berber village.
Afternoon: Explore small pools, large natural basins, and a surprising little village.
Late Afternoon: Descend towards your transportation and return to your hotel with unforgettable memories.

150 / Person

 What's Included

 2 Days

  • Transportation from your hotel
  • All Meals
  • Local hiking Guide with years of experience

250 / Person

 What's Included

 3 Days

  • Transportation from your hotel
  • All Meals
  • Local hiking Guide with years of experience

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