The essence of Berber food is a communal style of eating, with many dishes shared by the family. Mealtimes are very social with much laughter and talking. Hospitality and food are a very important part of the culture.

We will start this unique experience by welcoming you at my house with Moroccan tea and pastries and explaining the daily program .

the next step is going together to local stores to buy fresh ingredients, you will learn how to choose the best products by looking, feeling and smelling.

After getting everything we need, we will start the cooking class. We will explain beyond the details step by step and help while you practicing.

When everything is done is time to eat the food in a berber family atmosphere.

cooking class with berber family

In this experience you can choose one of the two menus to prepare:

40 € /person

  • Mint Tea, Moroccan salad, and the Tagine of your choice “Beef, chicken, or vegetarian”.
  • Mint Tea and Couscous of your choice “Beef, chicken, or vegetarian”.

You can also book with: